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Have questions? Call Sharecare, the LAPRA Wellness Program administrator at 855-817-0647 or visit Sharecare for more information.

The LAPRA Wellness Program is free to LAPRA members. It is designed to support you in developing healthy habits for a lifetime. Check out some of these great tools on the Sharecare platform for living your healthiest, happiest and most productive life:

  • A free gym membership at more than 11,000 Prime fitness centers across the country. Click the LAPRA wellness program banner on the left to register or log in to Sharecare. From there you can access your membership card and find a participating gym near you. Free Gym Membership (PDF)
  • Reveal your RealAge. Take the RealAge® test to find out your body's "actual" age and how your lifestyle choices help you stay young - or make you age faster - than your calendar age. Program Overview (PDF)
  • Connect with a health coach. A health coach can help you lose weight, be more active, quit smling, manage your stress and more. Health Coaching (PDF), Quit Smoking (PDF)
  • Take your health to the next level. Once you register for Sharecare, you'll unlock highly personalized content and resources basd on your health and well-being. How to Register (PDF)
  • Monthly wellness challenges. The LAPRA Wellness Program offers monthly challenges to motivate and help you to create healthy habits. Current Wellness Challenge (PDF)
  • Unlock your rewards. Earn points by visiting a gym, participating in health coaching or completing a wellness challenge. Reward Points (PDF)

Who Can Participate in the LAPRA Wellness Program?

The LAPRA Wellness Program is free to active and retired members and their adult dependents 18+  who are enrolled in a LAPRA medical plan (Anthem PPO, Anthem HMO or Kaiser HMO). 


Click here to join a challenge and view your rewards.



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